A horror experience

What is The Artifact Mythos?

A cursed cave and its terrible secret. A withered narrator and his ghost station. Brothers and their greedy father. Auditory tools to help you tell your stories.

It is all of that and much more. 

The artifact mythos is an ever-expanding horror universe of stories.

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It all began with Rosalba, the first explorer of the occult in this dark universe. She, along with other great minds, has dedicated her life to unearthing all the mysteries that her deranged mind hides and bringing them to light.

It has not been an easy task, since each of the artifacts she has found, she has found broken, incomprehensible, diffuse. And he has had to polish them, decode them, order them, so that those who also want to enter this dark, but beautiful world of stories, can do so without running any risk. (Or almost none)


Do you dare to enter, to answer the call?