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The artifact (2014-2021):

Indie horror audiogame. Published.

Writing tasks:

•    Researched the pre-Columbian theogony to develop the core concept. 

•    Wrote the story and the dialogue. 

•    Planed and designed the levels to better suit the story. 

•    Planed and designed the teasers and trailers. 

•    Expanded this horror universe by writing various stories that lead up to the game. 

•    Wrote the draft for an audio-novel that will act as a sequel of the game.

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Hombres de paja (2018-2020):

Suspense comic.

Completed tasks:

•    Co-wrote the literary scripts for the entire 7 chapters. 
•    Co-wrote the technical scripts for the entire 7 chapters. 
•    Directed the illustrator.

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El camino de las lágrimas (2018):

Transmedia experience divided into three parts.

Writing tasks:

•    Developed the core concept based on the eponymous book by Jorge Bucay. 
•    Co-wrote the story and the script. 
•    Designed each of it´s parts to work together and enhance the experience. 




Shorts Mexico official selection (2015):

My short film “Improbus” was projected on various movie theaters as part of the shorts Mexico 10th festival.

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Torneo de guión cinematográfico - Honorific mention (2017):

On a time constraint, we had to solve several writing challenges. I achieved an honorific mention with a written exercise called “Burdel de los deseos”.

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48 Hours Film Project – Projection (2017):

With some prompts we had to write and produce a short film in under 48 hours. Me and one friend made it on time, and got to see “Avaricia” on a movie theather.

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Shorts Mexico script finalist (2017):

My script “La rutina” was among the 10 script finalists of the 12th Shorts Mexico Festival.


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Rosalba - musical project (2019 – present):

I write powerful lyrics and music, about how I see the world and myself.


  • Spanish: Native

  • English: Advanced


  • Celtx

  • Office

  • Adobe

  • Unity