The Artifact

Not all terror can be seen...

The Artifact is a horror experience that puts you in the center of fear, and challenges you to escape using only your ears. Inclusive with people with visual impairments. Based on Aztec mythology.



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Data Sheet

4 prologues. 4 chapters. 1 terrible final room.

More than 10 hours of gameplay.

Terror without visuals. +18

Do you dare to enter?

Launch date: ???

Platform:  PC

Genre: Terror / Suspenso / Audiojuego

Developers: Rosalba Vázquez. Yeferson Castañeda.

Sound: Cerbero Sound Lab. Grizzly Independiente. Rosalba Vázquez.

Music: Arturo Capur. Samuel Bahena.

We want to reach publishers to help us localize the game to reach global markets.